Your Big Data engine to prepare data for analytics and AI

Cornerstone is a fully automated, metadata-driven data platform automating the ingestion, technical standardization, security, metadata capture and lineage of data into Big Data environments or the Cloud.

Cornerstone removes the need to manually code or write “ETLs” to move data. Enabling users to ingest all types of structured and unstructured data in batch, streaming and direct-to-database methods; and land the data in various target formats – entirely driven by metadata.

Through its self-service model, Cornerstone greatly accelerates the time to market for data consumption, without a single line of code being written.

Whether just starting a Big Data journey, migrating from an enterprise data warehouse, merging siloed data stores, or trying to get a 360-degree view of your customer, Cornerstone can get you there, fast.

Next Pathway’s Data Manufacturing Pipeline Overview


Hybrid Architecture-Feb28Multi-Cluster

Supports large and complex client environments, including Cloud and Hybrid architectures; avoiding vendor lock-in.

ICON_Data Lineage and Metadata CaptureAutomated Metadata and
Data Lineage Capture

Captures all types of metadata and granular data lineage; for Batch, Streaming and Direct-to-Source ingestion – no manual coding required.

Updating Data GovernanceUpdating the
Data Governance Catalogue

Integrates with and auto-updates third-party enterprise metadata management solutions.


Next Pathway builds innovative software to accelerate the delivery
of Big Data and Digital Transformation initiatives


At the heart of everything we do, our products are built to help your business get to market faster and cheaper.

Open ArchitectureOpen

Flexibility is key. Our tools support an open architecture so you won’t be locked into one vendor.

Operational ControlsOperational

We know how important data is to your business. Our tools provide organizations with well governed solutions to adhere to industry standards and best practices.


Cornerstone helps companies achieve a wide variety of business objectives
by focusing on speed-to-market, cost optimization, and governance

Risk and Regulatory ReportingRisk and
Regulatory Reporting

Quickly collect and prepare data in a governed state to produce risk and regulatory reports with complete data lineage and associated metadata captured to satisfy compliance requirements.

Customer 360Customer 360

Obtain a complete view of the customer by combining multiple data sources; including sentiment, historical records, and clickstream data – quickly.

Fraud Detection and Anti-Money LaunderingFraud Detection and Anti-Money Laundering

Start tracking streaming transaction data to monitor for fraud detection, anti-money laundering, and suspicious activity reporting in real-time.

Predictive Marketing and AnalyticsPredictive Marketing and Analytics

Quickly prepare data for AI and Machine Learning consumption for predictive campaign optimization.


Cornerstone® UI Preview:

Cornerstone enables Customer 360

We see Data as Water

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