Next Pathway’s products accelerate the development and deployment of microservices and APIs while ensuring adherence to governance standards, and reuse across the enterprise.

Next Pathway’s Digital Transformation practice enables large enterprise organizations to modernize their legacy platforms, protecting decades of investment.

Mercury - 3D - fitted artboard

MercuryTM is the only fully automated tool for rapidly developing, testing and deploying microservices.

Array - 3D - fitted artboard

ArrayTM is an automated service delivery workflow for exposing, building, and deploying services with service life-cycle governance from core back-end systems.

Both Array and Mercury follow the same principles that make Next Pathway a leader in the industry;
they maintain architectural integrity for organizations, while accelerating developer activities.


AutomationAutomation of
Digital Transformation

Automation of digital transformation processes to reduce manual development efforts

Open ArchitectureOpen

Built on open architectures, which support a variety of SOA and microservices tools

Data ModelIndustry Standard
Data Models

Adhere to industry standard models for microservice design

Avoid lock-inAvoid
“Vendor Lock-In”

Avoid “vendor lock-in” by simplifying the introduction of new tools over time

Continuous Integration and DeploymentContinuous Integration
and Deployment

Leverage continuous integration and deployment best practices to improve developer productivity

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