Fuse - Self-Service Data transformation for Business Consumption

Self-Service Data transformation for Business Consumption

FUSE is a self-service, design-time tool for business users to automatically curate and move their data to a target data model. FUSE eliminates the need for manual ETL development for data curation initiatives, saving companies up to 75% of development time. 

FUSE empowers business users by giving them the ability to curate data to business-defined data marketplaces. Which in-turn empowers your company to since different groups need their data curated different ways based on their set of use cases.

Instead of manual ETL development by IT departments, which is costly, error-prone, and time-consuming, FUSE curates source data to any business-defined model, while enforcing governance and operational controls – tasks developers would typically have to manage and deliver.

This includes metadata and lineage capture, but also a history, change data capture, slowly changing dimensions, surrogate key management, among other operational considerations.

So how does FUSE work?

A simple 4-step process:


Business users define and implement their desired target data model into any third-party modelling tool – like Collibra


Business users define the mapping of their source data to the selected data model


FUSE automatically picks up the mappings, as well as the source data, and executes automated data curation. FUSE not only creates the data curation logic but also creates the physical schema per the target model defined


Consume the data from optimized and curated data using any third-party reporting or analytics tool – like Tableau

Data Manufacturing Pipeline

Next Pathway Data Pipeline

Key Capabilities

Data Model

Automated Data Curation

Curate data and generate physical scheme for any business-defined data model – with No ETL

Open architecture

Open Architecture

Integrate with any data environment or tools for storage, compute or analytics


Operational & Governance Controls

Manage and Account for data quality, change-data capture, slowly changing dimensions, late arriving data, among other functions


Automated Lineage & Metadata Capture

Capture granular data lineage and integrate with any third-party tool for publishing and storage

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