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Self-Service Data transformation
for Business Consumption

FUSE significantly reduces the deployment time for large-scale data transformation projects by allowing users to automatically move their data to a target data model inside of Big Data environments.

With FUSE, companies can eliminate up to 75% of the development time for any data transformation project.

Whether a company is preparing reports for risk and compliance analytics, creating a unified view of the customer, or enforcing data governance across the enterprise, FUSE brings the velocity to trusted and standardized data, on-demand.

Data Manufacturing Pipeline

Next Pathway Data Pipeline

Key Capabilities

Data Model

Industry Standard Data Models

Business capability alignment to industry standard data models (e.g. IBM, Teradata)


Atomic Data

Automatic creation of Atomic Data Warehouse in a Big Data environment based on the desired target data model

Generation of Data transformation

Generation of Data Transformations

Automatic generation of data transformations to move data from source model to the Atomic Data Warehouse

Creating Metadata-Feb28

Automatic Lineage Capture

Automatic lineage capture for data flowing from source to target

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