SHIFT logoThe release of SHIFT 2.0 enables companies to adopt Big Data and cloud technologies faster, by further automating the migration from legacy systems

Toronto, ON — June 5, 2018 — Next Pathway, a leading provider of enterprise Big Data and Digital Transformation software, today launched the latest release of its leading code translation engine, SHIFT 2.0, a product designed to accelerate the migration from legacy data repositories to modern Big Data environments. SHIFT automates the majority of the migration effort, saving organizations up to 75% of operational and resourcing costs.

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SHIFT allows users to import vast amounts of code, including SQL, stored procedures and application code, from legacy data systems, including Enterprise Data Warehouses, and automate the conversion to target languages that run natively inside of Big Data environments, including projects such as Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop, R, and various Cloud platforms.

“Most organizations today see the promise of modern data platforms but are struggling to get there. The migration path from legacy systems is costly, time consuming, and high risk”, said Chetan Mathur, CEO of Next Pathway. “SHIFT accelerates and simplifies the migration effort through automation, saving organizations time and money; allowing development teams to focus on more value-adding tasks.”

SHIFT automatically translates up to 80% of legacy code, while ensuring the output is fully-governed based on industry and organizational standards, defect-free, and optimized for the new target Big data environment.

SHIFT 2.0 core capabilities include:

  • Automated translation engine with source-to-target language translation
  • Source language support for a variety of legacy data repositories
  • Target language support for projects including Apache Hive, Apache Spark, R, and others
  • Web-based GUI that provides different views and reports to manage migration projects
  • Translation validator that provides early verification on the scope of automated translation, essential for project scoping and planning
  • No vendor lock-in; SHIFT follows an open architecture that is plug-and-play with third party tools for code maintenance, automated testing, and continuous deployment

SHIFT is part of Next Pathway’s portfolio of Big Data and Digital Transformation software, which also includes Cornerstone, an automated metadata-driven data ingestion engine that enables customers to automatically ingest large volumes of data to Big Data environments without writing a single line of code; FUSE, which automates the enrichment and transformation of data inside of Big Data environments; Array, which helps organizations expose back-end services automatically via a service-oriented architecture; and Mercury, which automates microservices development, helping organizations modernize their monolithic applications.

SHIFT 2.0 is available immediately.

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FUSE diagram

B2BNN:Next Pathway says it can fast-track the process of preparing business data for analytics and AI applications

Our CEO, Chetan Mathur, recently spoke with B2B News Network’s Shane Schick about how Next Pathway is working with organizations to allow them to get to big data and artificial intelligence more quickly.
Shane profiles our latest product, Fuse, that helps organizations use business terminology to prepare and consume data for AI and Analytics.

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“Companies are spending millions of dollars in some cases on one-off big data projects,” Chetan Mathur told B2B News Network. “Hey, it’s all the same data, guys.”

Think of an organization that wanted to get a “360-degree view” of its customer data, for example, such as what individual customers spent with different divisions of a bank. The name and address data might be spread across multiple sources, but bringing it together for use in analytics applications or AI has lead some firm to hire scores of developers to handle ETL chores, Mathur said.

You can read the full article here:

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Next Pathway and Scotiabank speak on Data-as-a-Service at the 4th Annual Big Data & Analytics Summit Canada

At the 4th annual Big Data & Analytics Summit Canada in Toronto on Feb 8, 2018, Chetan Mathur, Chief Executive Officer at Next Pathway, Vinay Mathur, Chief Strategy Officer at Next Pathway, and Craig Wickett, Senior Vice President, International Technical Services at Scotiabank, spoke on the topic of Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) as a tool to enable companies to prepare data for AI and Machine Learning.

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In front of a packed audience, the trio discussed how advanced AI and Machine Learning technologies have grown over the last year, but the “un-sexy” process of getting data in a reusable and trusted state, is a critical first step before companies can leverage those algorithms.

“AI algorithms have greatly improved. They are faster and better targeted at specific business cases,” Chetan said to the packed audience. “But those algorithms need clean and trusted data first”.

Vinay also added that establishing a DaaS architecture is a journey for all organizations. “DaaS is a journey away from the old ways, where creating reports took an “army of developers” writing ETL code manually – taking weeks or even months – to a place where the Business can query and obtain their own data, using terms familiar to them.”

If you would like to receive a copy of the presentation, please email Chetan at

You can also read more about DaaS in Chetan’s latest LinkedIn article here.