Our experienced team of consultants and proprietary technology integrates with many of the industry leading open-source and commercial products to deliver best-in-class, scalable enterprise solutions for our clients.

Hortonworks and Cloudera

Next Pathway integrates with Hortonworks/Cloudera to develop governed enterprise data lakes on the HDP and CDH platforms. Whether through our consulting services, or accelerators automating the ingestion and preparation of data, Next Pathway has strong expertise to help organizations develop long lasting and governed solutions with Hortonworks/Cloudera. This includes native integrations between our accelerators and various technologies, as included in the HDP and CDH offerings (i.e. Apache Atlas, Ranger, Navigator, Sentry, etc).


Next Pathway integrates with Snowflake, the industry's only data warehouse built for the cloud, by having native capabilities to migrate on-premise EDWs, including data ingestion and SQL/application code translation, to run natively in the Snowflake platforms. Next Pathway helps clients interested in Snowflake with: implementation planning, SQL/application code translation, data architecture and data pipeline design, among other use cases.

Google Cloud Platform

As a premier partner, Next Pathway accelerators integrate with the GCP platform to help organizations stand up enterprise-scale cloud solutions for the next-gen of their core business processes. Our large team of certified GCP engineers, along with our big data technology, help organizations with EDW to GCP migrations, Data Lake on cloud deployments, and cloud onboarding planning. This includes native integrations with Google BigQuery, Google Cloud Storage, Google Compute Engine, Google IAM, among others.

Microsoft Azure

Next Pathway partners and integrates with the Microsoft Azure platform to allow organizations to migrate on-prem workloads and applications to the cloud in a seamless and efficient manner. Our accelerators integrate with the Azure technologies for EDW to cloud migrations, Data Lake on cloud deployments, and other application migration use cases.

Amazon Web Services

Whether its S3, Redshift, or other technologies in the stack, Next Pathway consultants and accelerators help clients migrate and develop applications natively within the AWS platform.


Next Pathway consultants have extensive experience delivering scalable enterprise metadata management solutions for our clients with Collibra. Further, our data accelerators integrate with the Collibra platform to bridge enterprise-level metadata and lineage with elements captured within Data Lakes, to ensure end-to-end data provenance is captured and managed efficiently. Specifically, our adapters integrate our Cornerstone® and Fuse accelerators to ensure lineage is automatically captured at the point of data ingestion and curation.