Big Data Computing on the Cloud: An Even Playing Field for All Companies, Big and Small

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You’ve heard the phrase ‘big beats small’; we’ve been taught that big companies can outspend, outprice and win more business than smaller companies. And for the most part, it’s true. However, there is one area where small can beat big, and that is in its use of technology. For years, many of the cutting-edge technology platforms were prohibitively expensive, which meant they could only be leveraged by a mighty few. However, with the advent of cloud computing, there has been a significant reduction in the cost of computing power. No matter how big or small your organization, you can afford access to the best technology, if you adopt cloud-based platforms. In this new world, “fast beats slow”.

The Winning Combination with Limitless Possibilities

While the capabilities of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are well understood, when you combine these two on a cloud-based infrastructure, there is no limit to the possibilities. This winning combination offers you the ability to make insightful decisions based on timely, abundant and accurate information.

Here are some of the other advantages of Big Data in the cloud:

  • Greater Agility and Scalability – Not only does cloud computing make it easier to leverage technological innovations such as AI and machine learning, but its agility and versatility allow for the speedy adoption of newer technology.
  • Higher Cost Benefits – With the cost of cloud computing being significantly less than an on-premises setup, you have the added advantage of rapid provisioning and simplified management.
  • Better Visibility and Control – A centrally managed multiple-cloud environment gives your organization greater visibility and control over real-time data. It also helps prevent inefficiencies such as sub-optimally used infrastructure which can lead to unnecessary spends and security issues.
  • Enhanced Customer Relationships – Real-time cloud-enabled Big Data analytics can deepen your customer relationships and lead to innovative ways for relationship-driven business growth.

Cloud computing has become an ideal low-cost infrastructure option that comes with virtually every technology initiative on the market. However, the marriage of Big Data with the cloud is by no means an easy one. What is encouraging though is that with the right set of tools to automate this process, you can achieve a seamless transition of your corporate data from ‘on-prem’ to the cloud.

Next Pathway’s Cloud-Enabled Big Data Manufacturing Pipeline

At Next Pathway, we specialize in tools that automate the ingestion and standardization of real-time and batch data, while also enhancing its security, when transitioning into Big Data environments. Our cloud-enabled Big Data offering consists of three products:

  1. Cornerstone, our patented, automated, meta-data driven ingestion platform;
  2. FUSE, a product designed for business users to automatically enrich and transform data inside of the big data environment; and
  3. If you have data residing on a legacy data warehouse and you want this data migrated to the cloud, our code translation engine, SHIFT, can accelerate the migration from legacy data repositories to modern Big Data environments.
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