Big Data Solutions

Customer Event Lake

big data customer event lake

Deriving actionable insights from customer data is imperative to any organization, especially in a competitive market. Next Pathway’s Customer Event Lake solution enables an organization to gain a 360 degree view of their customers by combining historical customer data with streaming data sources, including click-stream and social media, as well as live marketing programs, to enable quicker, more effective analysis.

With a complete view of the customer, an organization can develop robust customer profiles, measure marketing program effectiveness in real-time, develop targeted sales programs and prevent customer attrition while increasing customer loyalty.

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Risk and Regulatory Reporting

Big Data Risk and Regulatory Reporting
When it comes to risk data aggregation and regulatory reporting, obtaining the right data from the right sources is critical. In the case of the Financial Services sector, regulatory laws including BCBS 239 mandate that organizations show the path of data from report back to source system, with no margin for error.

Next Pathway’s Risk and Regulatory Reporting solution provides an out-of-the-box capability to ingest priority data from their original source system. Our solution maintains the data sources in their original fidelity, while quickly, effectively, and securely, cleansing and preparing the data for reporting. Data lineage, semantic lineage, alignment with enterprise metadata solutions and data warehousing capabilities are only a subset of what Next Pathway’s solution provides.

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