How to Prepare Your Applications for the Holiday Season

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As the holidays rapidly approach, it is important for online companies to ensure that their websites and applications are ready for the surge in customer activity. As retailers become increasingly motivated to move merchandize towards the end of the year, consumers are offered numerous deals and discounts to encourage purchases. With an increased volume of activity, your company must prepare …


Angotti is Key Note Speaker at Aviva Canada’s event, “Celebrating Women in IT”

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Clara Angotti was the key note speaker at Aviva Canada’s event ‘Celebrating Women in IT’ on October 10th as part of the international Ada Lovelace day, a celebration of the achievements of women in STEM. Clara spoke about her 25-year career as a woman entrepreneur in the IT industry.  She also shared some valuable lessons that she’s learned along her …


How to Best Implement Continuous Integration

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Before delving into what the best practices are around Continuous Integration (CI), perhaps a proper definition of CI is necessary. What is Continuous Integration? CI is a software development practice where members of a team integrate their code changes with the existing code repository frequently; each person integrates at least once daily – leading to multiple integrations per day. Each …


Converging API Management and SOA Governance to Provide Enterprise Class Solutions

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The concept of API (application programming interface) has existed for a long time since the advent of computer programming. Over the last few years, APIs have evolved based on advances in technology and business innovation, that has enabled conceptualizing and delivering core business functions as discreet, consumable entities. The API architecture has also evolved over the years, building on the …


Security Architecture – The Importance of Securing Your Enterprise Data on Hadoop

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Corporations today are clearly making significant investments in Big Data and Hadoop-based data platforms. They are doing this to primarily increase their level of customer service by developing advanced analytics capabilities. Of utmost importance to enterprises, but not usually top of mind during transformative Big Data implementations, is security. Security Architecture Safeguards EDLs Enterprise Data Lakes (EDLs) usually contain a …


Understanding Data Through Metadata

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Embarking on Big Data Initiatives Organizations embarking on Big Data initiatives aim to extract meaningful insights from ever larger volumes of data from more heterogeneous sources. New technologies have made it easier and cheaper to host large volumes of data and process them at higher rates, but the challenge still remains to accurately align the understanding of the data across …