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Cornerstone is a self-service platform that allows data producers and consumers to automatically and rapidly ingest data into a big data environment.

Cornerstone is entirely metadata-driven, removing the need to manually code or write “ETLs” to move data. Cornerstone enables users to ingest all types of structured and unstructured data, in batch, streaming and direct-to-database methods, and land that data in various target formats – entirely driven by metadata.

Through its self-service model, Cornerstone greatly accelerates the time to market for data consumption, without a single line of code being written, removing IT bottlenecks. Whether just starting a big data journey, migrating from an enterprise data warehouse, merging siloed data stores, or trying to get a 360 degree view of your customer, Cornerstone can get you there, fast.

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ICON_Metadata-Driven IngestionAutomated

No coding required! Users can begin ingesting data immediately without having to deploy any code through an SDLC process. Cornerstone supports Batch, Streaming and Direct-to-Database ingestion methods, with a variety of file adapters and connectors.

ICON_Self-Service Model for BusinessSelf-Service
for Business

Business users, or any data consumer, can begin ingesting and managing their data without waiting for lengthy IT bottlenecks.

ICON_Data Lineage and Metadata CaptureAutomated
Data Lineage and
Metadata Capture

Cornerstone captures all types of metadata – operational, technical and business types – as well as granular data lineage, to show the path of data from source systems to target inside of your data lake. Cornerstone also connects with enterprise metadata solutions, to push and pull metadata from business glossaries to enforce data governance policies.

ICON_Automated Data StandardizationAutomated Data

Cornerstone ingests all data types and automatically technically standardizes the data, so any consumer can begin querying and discovering the data without needing to know the original source language.

ICON_Granular Security and Access ControlGranular Security
and Access Control

Cornerstone secures the data at an attribute level, to ensure only the right people get access to the data, while also tokenizing the data for enterprise security compliance.

ICON_Cloud MigrationCloud

Cornerstone accelerates the path to migrate data and applications to the cloud, in a fast and secure process.

What is Cornerstone?

What is Cornerstone?

Cornerstone enables Customer 360

We see Data as Water

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