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Your Big Data engine to prepare data for Analytics and AI

Organizations today are seeking ways to get quality and trusted data into the hands of their data scientists, BI groups, and frankly, everyone across their business, fast.

While legacy methods like ‘ETL’ are still options for some companies to collect and aggregate data, the issues continue to be speed, cost, and quality. Consumers of data, regardless if it’s for ad hoc data science initiatives, or for regulatory and compliance reporting, need data cleansed, standardized, and discoverable. Without waiting for time-consuming and expensive developer efforts.

Automation, security and governance are core principles built into our innovative metadata-driven ingestion engine, Cornerstone®. With Cornerstone, users can automatically ingest all types of data, with NO ETL!


Cornerstone offers significant advantages over ETL and other legacy data ingestion processes: ​


Faster Data Ingestion


Open Architecture


Cost Reduction

Automate & Standardize

Cornerstone‘s fully automated, metadata-driven ingestion engine standardizes and secures data when ingesting from any source to any target, while capturing granular data lineage and metadata. Cornerstone‘s patented technology allows users to ingest structured and unstructured data via batch, streaming or direct-to-database methods, without writing a single line of code. 

Key Features

Open architecture

Open Architecture

Integrate with any legacy or modern data platform, including Hadoop and Cloud

Creating Metadata-Feb28

Automated Metadata and Lineage Capture

Captures metadata and granular data lineage; for Batch, Streaming and Direct-to-Source ingestion – no manual coding



Support for complex cloud, on-prem and hybrid environments

Updating Data Governance

Metadata-Based Security

Encrypt, tokenize and enforce policies via metadata


Data Manufacturing Pipeline

Next Pathway Data Pipeline

Use Cases

Cornerstone helps companies achieve a wide variety of business objectives
by focusing on speed-to-market, cost optimization, and governance

Risk & Regulatory Reporting-Feb28

Quickly collect and prepare data in a governed state to produce risk and regulatory reports.

Team-Feb28 - Copy

Ingest data from multiple sources, and combine them through a single pipeline to feed marketing engines for real-time analysis.

Fraud Detection and Anti-Money Laundering-Feb28

Fraud Detection and
Anti-Money Laundering

Quickly ingest and monitor streaming transactional data for fraud and suspicious activity and report on outliers in batch or real-time.

Predictive Marketing and Analytics-Feb28

Machine Learning & AI

Ingest quality data, and metadata, from multiple sources and created a governed pool of data to train AI and ML algorithms faster.

This Could Be Your Data Pipeline

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