Big Data Management Platform – Cornerstone

The analysis of information is increasingly central to driving strategic competitive advantages. Moreover, regulatory requirements are making it incumbent upon enterprises to retrieve, understand and act upon critical risk information.

The “big data” landscape has changed dramatically over the years. Big Data and Big Analytics require new methods of processing, securing and managing information. Further, tools such as Hadoop have removed the barriers that previously existed to store and process large amounts of information.

Cornerstone, our Big Data Management Platform, is a metadata-driven ingestion product that is automated, reusable, extendable and flexible for ingesting data across the enterprise.

Cornerstone is a self-service model that allows data producers to automatically ingest their data into the Enterprise Data Lake (EDL) and for consumers to analyze and report from a standardized enterprise zone. This self-service model enables producers to specify metadata from a standardized metadata model. Our product then automatically ingests this data into the EDL, without having to manually develop an ingestion workflow for each feed.

Cornerstone is built on our Ingestion Framework, which leverages a metadata repository to store technical, business and operational metadata during the ingestion process, so that consumers can discover and search for their data easily and effectively.

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