Data Lake Workshop

Build a Data Lake to Last

Building Data Lakes are Tough

Building a reliable data lake with the goal of being the single source of truth for an enterprise has historically been a significant challenge. Whether defeated by technology, people, process or all three, first generation data lakes have most often not met the expectations of the stakeholders involved.

Over the past several years, Next Pathway has been called by companies to assess where big data projects have failed and how to fix them. In doing so, Next Pathway has developed a deep well of knowledge and expertise to assist companies embarking on their own big data projects.

Plus, we’ve also developed tools to help accelerate those projects, while making sure to build data lakes that last.

One of the first big steps to building a lasting data lake is understanding the challenges ahead and planning accordingly. It’s remarkable how often projects start going off the rails at this step.

We’ve put together a free, 3-hour workshop where we work with you to define what constitutes a successful data lake (in cloud or on-prem).

Building Data Lakes

The 3 hour workshop will cover:

  • Why first generation data lakes have failed
  • A deep dive into what constitutes a well governed data lake
  • What Next Pathway's accelerators can do to build a data lake to last

The Workshop will Cover

Why first generation
Data Lakes have failed

  • What were the key challenges?
  • What did organizations miss in their first attempt?

A deep dive into what constitutes a well governed Data Lake

  • What are the key capabilities, guiding principles and architectural considerations to be addressed?

What Next Pathway’s accelerators can do to build a Data Lake to last

  • Automation
  • Governance
  • Security
  • Components
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