Netezza Migration Workshop

An easier Migration Plan

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We’re not talking about your standard “lift and shift” strategy; we want your migration to succeed!

Building a reliable data lake with the goal of being the single source of truth for an enterprise has historically been a significant challenge. Whether defeated by technology, people, process or all three, first generation data lakes have most often not met the expectations of the stakeholders involved.

Over the past several years, Next Pathway has been called by companies to assess where big data projects have failed and how to fix them. In doing so, Next Pathway has developed a deep well of knowledge and expertise to assist companies embarking on their own big data projects.

Plus, we’ve also developed tools to help accelerate those projects, while making sure to build data lakes that last.

One of the first big steps to building a lasting data lake is understanding the challenges ahead and planning accordingly. It’s remarkable how often projects start going off the rails at this step.

We’ve put together a free, 3-hour workshop where we work with you to define what constitutes a successful migration plan (in cloud or on-prem) for your business.

Building Data Lakes

The 3 hour workshop will cover:

  • Planning a Netezza migration end-to-end
  • Optimization Playbook - Case Studies
  • Hands-on Product Demos
  • Develop a Plan for your Organization

The Workshop will Cover

Planning a Netezza migration end-to-end
  • Review all the steps involved and skills required
  • Understand the key success factors in each step
Optimization Playbook – Case Studies
  • Learn from Next Pathway how to optimize each step of the journey
Hands-on Product Demos
  • Get hands-on with the Next Pathway's acceleration tools
Develop a Plan for your Organization
  • Work through your specific environment and build a high-level plan you can use to kick-start your project