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Data Maturity

Questions to Determine Your Data Maturity

It’s hard not to read an article these days about Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, etc and not get inundated with stats showing how important data is for the enterprise. So we’re going to keep it light on stats and get to the important bits, other than stating: by 2020, ten percent of organizations

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GUI-based ETL Tools are just Lipstick on a Pig

I recently wrote that ETL is the Root of all Data Problems and I meant it. Traditionally, ETL code is written using an editor to create SQL statements, often embedded within a procedural language like Java. Historically ETL has been the only way to get data from A to B. But writing ETL code leads

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The search for customer 360

The Search for Customer 360

With as much data marketers have been collecting, getting to Customer 360 continues to be a challenge. But the promise of what the data can provide for analytics and designing the customer experience (CX), is much too tantalizing to let slip by. Fortunately enterprises and their partner agencies are already collecting much of the data

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How to Best Implement Continuous Integration

Before delving into what the best practices are around Continuous Integration (CI), perhaps a proper definition of CI is necessary. What is Continuous Integration? CI is a software development practice where members of a team integrate their code changes with the existing code repository frequently; each person integrates at least once daily – leading to

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