Platform Innovation

Next Pathway’s proprietary Accelerators empower business decision making from automating the ingestion, standardization and enrichment of data and legacy platforms to accelerating the development and deployment of microservices and APIs while ensuring adherence to governance standards, and reuse across the enterprise.

Cornerstone® is a patented, fully automated, metadata-driven data platform that automates the ingestion, technical standardization, security, metadata capture and lineage of data into Big Data environments or the Cloud.

FUSE is a framework to allow large enterprises to design, build and deploy large-scale data integration workflows inside of Big Data environments.​

SHIFT automates the conversion and translation of legacy code when moving to Big Data environments or the Cloud.​

MERCURY is an accelerator that automates the development, testing and deployment of microservices and APIs, to help enable legacy systems and modernize front-end applications.

ARRAY accelerates the externalization of back-end services locked in legacy systems and the subsequent transition to a service-oriented architecture. ​

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