Big Data Innovation

Next Pathway’s Big Data technology empowers business decision making by automating the ingestion, standardization and enrichment of batch and real-time data, so it can be accessed on-demand in a self-service manner.


Data Manufacturing Pipeline

Cornerstone® is a patented, fully automated, metadata-driven data platform that automates the ingestion, technical standardization, security, metadata capture and lineage of data into big data environments or the Cloud.

Automated Translation Engine

SHIFT automates the conversion and translation of legacy code when moving to Big Data environments or the Cloud.

Self-Service Data Transformation

FUSE revolutionizes the ability to transform data quickly for consumption by allowing Business users to define requirements in a familiar vocabulary.

Next Pathway’s products accelerate the development and deployment of microservices and APIs while ensuring adherence to governance standards, and reuse across the enterprise.

Microservice Factory

MERCURY is the only fully automated tool for rapidly developing, testing and deploying microservices.

Unleash Legacy Core Systems

ARRAY is an automated service delivery workflow for exposing, building, and deploying services with service life-cycle governance from core back-end systems.