Back-End Modernization Accelerator

ARRAY is an accelerator that helps organizations modernize their legacy systems and meet the demands of an increasingly digital business. ARRAY accelerates the externalization of back-end services locked in legacy systems and the subsequent transition to a service-oriented architecture.

ARRAY provides organizations with a toolkit to quickly automate many of the tasks typically conducted by developers. With automation comes governance, standardization, and speed to market – often the most critical measure by IT business partners to provide new digital business services to customers, fast.

Digital Transformation Solution


ARRAY automates steps that include:

  • Design and development of SOA services based on our proprietary framework, which standardizes service development across large teams
  • Testing framework that allows users to “stress-test” services to mimic production-like scenarios, prior to deployment
  • Deployment pipeline to deploy and promote services through an organization’s existing CIAD pipeline

ARRAY is technology agnostic, and can be integrated with any run-time environment and gateway technology, including productions like IBM DataPower, Tibco ESB, among others.

ARRAY accelerates SOA deployment and operationalization processes, enabling organizations to meet their digital demands of their business.

Key Benefits

Design, Build and Deploy Faster

Develop and deploy SOA services 60% faster than legacy methods, using Array’s proprietary framework

Open Architecture

Integrate with any system or run-time environment, helping organizations avoid “vendor lock-in”

Enforced Governance

Enforce governance at every stage of the development workflow to help keep costs and maintenance down.

Sample Use Case - SOA Enablement

A large global FI had to solve for amalgamating a number of different legacy core systems, due to siloes created over time by the different business units. The organization had struggled in past efforts to provide back-end services to omni-channels in a fast and efficient manner – resulting in increased system downtime, high maintenance costs, and loss of revenue.

Next Pathway helped by deploy our Array accelerator, and redesigning, developing, and implementing a standardized SOA tier above the various back-end systems.

Within 6 months, the organization had exposed over 600 back-end services (REST, SOAP-based) through a gateway, and started to consume those services by the various front-end channels.

Planned downtime decreased by


Operational costs reduced by over


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