Self-Service Data Curation Framework

FUSE is a framework that allows large enterprises to design, build and deploy large-scale data integration workflows inside of Big Data environments.

FUSE provides companies with a methodology, architecture, and set of data patterns that allow companies to implement enterprise or project specific data workflows. This includes giving users the ability to curate data to business-defined data models, whilst removing ‘IT bottlenecks’ that typically delay time to market for delivery and swell operational costs.

FUSE offers companies with a robust set of proprietary capabilities and components to get their data curation workflows up and running fast, while enforcing standards such as open architecture, automated ETL development, and leveraging metadata to empower business stakeholders.

FUSE helps companies solve a variety of use cases for big data and the cloud, including the creation of project-specific data marts, and creating an single-source of truth inside of a Data Lake.

Our FUSE Workflow

So, what is the FUSE design and development methodology?


Users define their desired target data model (any model, commercial or homegrown)


Point to your source data (i.e. from source, Data Lake, or Data Warehouse)


Design the mappings between source data to target model


Develop your data pipeline (ensuring no ETL)

Sample Use Case

Establishing an Enterprise Zone with a Data Lake

Often times, the difficulty is not just getting the data in, rather, making it usable, trusted, and prepared to serve various use cases for the company. Preparing a single source of truth sounds nice in theory, but in practice, it’s been a major challenge to implement in first-generation EDLs.

Establishing an Enterprise Zone (EZ), often considered a way to solve this problem, comes with a myriad of challenges – technology, people and governance-related. Who owns the EZ? What governance rules need to be applied? Should there be a standard domain model to use across the enterprise? Questions arise faster than solutions to solve them.

However, Fuse alleviates many of these challenges, technology and governance related, by automating various tasks in the workflow:  data transformation development, metadata capture, governance policies.

FUSE supports business-capability driven design, meaning, business not only has a seat at the table; they are setting it.

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