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Migrating to the cloud doesn’t end at loading your data. In addition to large data volumes, companies have developed applications, queries, reporting pipelines and other business logic over time – all core to their business. It’s these complex workloads that pose a challenge when planning for migration.

Regardless of your migration strategy, manually rebuilding or refactoring these workloads leads to high costs, increased risk, and delayed timelines, which often result in project bottlenecks or failures. Further, the manual identification and migration of what code elements that require translation to cloud-native dialects poses a challenge in and of itself.


SHIFTTM automates the migration and translation of complex application workloads – including SQL, stored procedures, ETL and other database objects – when moving to the cloud.

Benefits SHIFT™ offers over manual migration:









SHIFT™ is a suite of migration accelerators,
that help organizations assess migration complexity,
translate and migrate complex workloads,
and test results prior to deployment


Easily assess the migration size, complexity, time and cost when planning for your migration to the cloud.


Automate the translation of complex workloads when executing your migration to the cloud – including SQL, Stored Procedures, DDL, ETL, Scripts, and other code types.


Automate the execution of complex and native data warehouse functions when executing your migration to the cloud.


Identify upstream/downstream job dependencies within your ETL or scripting frameworks to assist in both assessing migration complexity and testing.


Accelerate testing cycles to get to deployment and cut-over faster.

Fast. Reliable. Automated.

SHIFT™ replaces manual migration with powerful automation to accelerate the process, reduce the effort and save time. It provides:

Automation of code/schema translation up to 90%, drastically reducing your overhead costs and speeding up your migration project.

Removes the need for developers with knowledge of both source and target languages; finding good developers can be hard enough.

Continuous learning to improve automation. SHIFT™ learns as more code is run through the engine; increasing automation rates throughout your project.

Client Use Case

A large global retailer tasked Next Pathway to assist in migrating a legacy Teradata EDW environment to the cloud. The challenge? Figuring out how to rewrite the 8 million-plus lines of Teradata code – including SQL, Stored Procedures and Schemas – to run in the next-gen cloud environment.

Next Pathway used SHIFTTM  to automatically translate the 8 million lines of code to the cloud-native dialect, with an automation rate of 90%, in just 90 minutes. Further, it took only a few days to get this to 100% automation. This accelerated the end to end migration timeline by 87%, and streamlined all testing and deployment activities along the way.

“Our organization needed a solution to efficiently handle migrating high volume EDW workloads to the cloud. Past efforts with manual translation and development only saw our costs soar, and timelines further delayed.

By automating the code migration piece with Next Pathway’s SHIFT, we saw resourcing and operational expenses reduce by at least 50%.”

— a global retailer

The SHIFT™ Migration Process

SHIFT Analyzer

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Sources: SHIFT™ supports a variety of source languages, including Teradata, Netezza, Greenplum, DataStage, and others. Contact us to learn more.

Targets: Hive, Spark/Scala, Snowflake, Azure SQL Server, Azure SQLDW, and more.

Absolutely! SHIFT’s continuous learning functionality allows us to quickly add capabilities for other source and target systems. Please contact us to find out more.

SHIFT™ supports translation for SQL, but also stored procedures and common ETL tool languages.

No, in addition to migrating your code, SHIFT provides migration pipeline with automated unit testing and data quality assurance functionalities which streamlines your migration project end-to-end.

SHIFT™ is a tool that our consultants use to expedite migration-based engagements. However, license agreements are possible to allow for extended use of the tool by our clients.
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