The SHIFT™ Migration Suite of Apps helps our customers accelerate their migration to the cloud, by automating key tasks in the end to end process

SHIFT™ Migration Suite of Apps

Whether the attraction is increased operational efficiencies, ability to perform advanced analytics, or simply cost containment and getting out of the data center, there are countless benefits the companies know and realize.

Every company today wants to move to the cloud

Migrations need SHIFT

We automate the three core steps
in migrating to the cloud:

Understand Pipelines – Automate the discovery of how data flows into, and within, the warehouse/ application, in order to migrate those pipelines to the cloud.

Translate Legacy Data Warehouses and Applications – Automate the translation of legacy code contained within the applications in a warehouse to run within the cloud.

Understand Downstream Consuming Applications – Automate the lineage and traceability for how data flows to downstream consuming applications, in order to define their migration path – repoint, refactor or rebuild.  

SHIFT™  Migration Suite of Apps

Powered by the SHIFT™ Migration Suite of Apps, we automate the three steps in migrating to the cloud
Powered by the SHIFT™ Migration Suite of Apps, we automate the three steps in migrating to the cloud

SHIFT™  CRAWLER automatically scans and catalogs legacy data sources, including ETL pipelines, schedule jobs, and downstream consuming applications, to uncover actionable insights to plan your migration more effectively

SHIFT™  ANALYZER assesses various code types within legacy applications to create inventories of all objects, define complexity, and provide automation rates in order to size your migration

SHIFT™ TRANSLATOR automates the translation of complex workloads when executing your migration to the cloud – including SQL, Stored Procedures, ETL, and various other code types – for various source and target platforms

SHIFT™ TESTER automates key tasks in the testing life-cycle when executing and optimizing workloads within the cloud

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Benefits of SHIFT™ Migration Suite of Apps offers over manual migration

Through the use of SHIFT™ Migration Suite of Apps, code translation happens in minutes and not years


Whether you’re translating complex workloads, or testing, SHIFT’s automation parallelizes development efforts to deliver faster, more efficiently and in a truly agile model


By applying automation to the migration life-cycle and removing manual efforts, human error is eliminated, and standardization is enforced to respect and enforce various governance and security controls for your organization


Translating code? Migrating data? SHIFT’s automation brings HUGE benefits over manual efforts, in order for your business to focus their time on downstream tasks that matter most
SHIFT™ Migration Suite of Apps

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