Product Squares-Translator

SHIFT™ TRANSLATOR automates the translation of complex workloads when executing your migration to the cloud – including SQL, Stored Procedures, ETL, and various other code types – for various source and target platforms.

How it Works

SHIFT™ TRANSLATOR ’s syntax and semantic based translation capability allows for high-automation levels for all code types, including:

  • Views/Materialized Views
  • Stored Procedures
  • Dynamic SQL
  • Embedded SQL
  • Scripting Frameworks
  • Proprietary Functions
  • ETL
  • and More

What Are the Benefits?

  • Complete automation of code – alleviating manual development efforts
  • Removes the need for developers with knowledge of both source and target languages
  • Continuous learning functionality to improve automation; the more code SHIFT™ TRANSLATOR sees, the smarter and more accurate the translation results become
  • Ability to scale to address any custom requirement or edge case based on rules engine