Automated Code/Schema Translation

Making the move to an Enterprise Data Lake or a cloud platform, doesn’t end with the migration of data.

Over time, companies have built up custom reporting/process applications within their Data Warehouses to support the business. Rebuilding all of these schemas can be rather daunting, and in fact this challenge often leads to data migration projects failing.

The manual identification and migration of EDW application code, SQL, ETL, analytical and reporting workloads is complicated, painful, time-consuming and error-prone.

Benefits SHIFT™ offers over manual migration:









Simplify and Accelerate

Next Pathway’s patent-pending SHIFT™ transforms your legacy warehouse workloads to Big Data with speed, reliability, and no coding required.

It simplifies and accelerates the migration process by:

  • Automatically migrating the legacy schema to an optimized Big Data model
  • Providing an automated logic translation to your choice of supported query engines
  • Identifying and translating the underlying procedural and SQL queries from legacy scripts languages including Spark SQL/HQL
  • Integrating with any third-party testing and deployment framework

The SHIFT Migration Process

Fast. Reliable. Automated.

SHIFT replaces manual migration with powerful automation to accelerate the process, reduce the effort and save time. It provides:

Automation of code/schema translation up to 80%, drastically reducing your overhead costs and speeding up your data project.

Removes the need for developers with knowledge of both source and target languages; finding good developers can be hard enough.

Continuous improvement of the code translation. SHIFT learns as developers review exceptions for improved translation with each new project.

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Key Features

  • One-click migration
  • UI-driven, automated script translation
  • Detailed migration reports
  • Monitoring, data lineage, audit logs
  • Extensible, repeatable, verifiable
  • Data structure optimizations
  • Data quality transformations
  • Choice of query engine: Hive, Spark, SQL and others
  • Rules-based translation engine


SHIFT currently supports the following:

Sources: Netezza, Teradata, Greenplum, DB2, MS SQL Server, SAP, Postgres, Stored Procedures, DataStage, Talend, Pentaho

Targets: Apache Hive, Spark, Scala, Snowflake, BigQuery

Absolutely! SHIFT’s continuous learning functionality allows us to quickly add capabilities for other source and target systems. Please contact us to find out more.

SHIFT supports translation for SQL, but also stored procedures and common ETL tool languages.

No, in addition to migrating your code, SHIFT provides migration pipeline with automated unit testing and data quality assurance functionalities which streamlines your migration project end-to-end.

SHIFT is a tool that our consultants use to expedite migration-based engagements. However, license agreements are possible to allow for extended use of the tool by our clients. Contact us to find out more.

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