Solutions & Use Cases

It all starts with data

Next Pathway helps companies with their Big Data and Digital Transformation projects with speed and reliability.

Cloud Onboarding

Next Pathway’s Cloud Onboarding solution provides companies with an all-encompassing answer to move large on-prem data stores to the Cloud, with the confidence their data is secured, governed, trusted, and discoverable, to effectively meet business objectives.

Enterprise Data Warehouse Migration

Migrate and decommission your legacy EDWs fast, cost effectively, while minimizing risk and enforcing governance along the way.

Anti-Money Laundering Compliance

The ability to stream multiple sources of data in a standardized method, while capturing lineage, metadata and security policies, provides companies with an end-to-end solution for AML.

Risk Data Marketplace

The Risk Data Marketplace, built with Cornerstone, is designed to automate and govern the collection and mapping of data to any risk and compliance data model, for use across any regulatory requirement.

Customer 360

Building Customer 360 profiles isn’t easy if gathering all of the data isn’t seamless for your organization. Together with Next Pathway, your company can achieve quicker, more effective analysis.