Cloud Onboarding


Today, virtually every company will explore Cloud technology for critical business functions.

Per Gartner, by 2021 more than 50% of companies already using Cloud today will adopt an ‘all-in’ Cloud strategy. Whether the intent is to optimize costs, reduce the time to market for mission-critical business processes, or improved agility and scalability, companies are actively looking for solutions to get them to the Cloud, fast.

However, migrating to the Cloud comes with a number of challenges, including data collection, data security, data lineage, and the operating model to run a hybrid on-prem/Cloud environment.

Next Pathway’s Cloud Onboarding solution provides companies with an all-encompassing answer to move large on-prem data stores to the Cloud, with the confidence that their data is secured, governed, trusted, and discoverable, to effectively meet critical business objectives.

Check out our latest Use Case on how to securely move Data to the Cloud