EDW Migration

Making the move to the Cloud doesn’t have to be difficult

What are you doing with your Enterprise Data Warehouse?

At Next Pathway, our EDW migration tools helps companies accelerate their migrations, and do so in a way to maintain governance of the data with minimal impact to routine business processes.

Our toolset is comprised of two products we call Cornerstone and SHIFT.

Cornerstone is our metadata-driven ingestion engine, which connects to your EDW to ingest into the cloud, including Google Cloud Platform, using metadata to automate the process.

Cornerstone also uses the metadata to automate security classifications, including encryption and tokenization, and lineage capture. This all happens automatically. No developers, no coding, and no ETL.

Once your data is loaded, we then deploy SHIFT to translate and migrate all of the legacy schema, SQL, and application logic to the modern language best suited for your Cloud environment. This includes Apache Spark, but also cloud native products, including Google’s Big Query.

SHIFT automates up to 80% of this translation, and integrates natively into company’s run time environments.  

Our tools allow companies to have confidence in their EDW migration and get them up and running in the cloud faster, while providing companies incremental cost savings throughout the migration, until your legacy EDW can be turned off once and for all.