It all starts with data

Next Pathway is your partner to modernize you data and legacy systems to match the needs of your business going forward

Companies are collecting more and more data; from customer interactions to the emerging internet of things, the amount of data gathered is growing. It is paramount companies manage the data from a regulatory and security standpoint, but also actualize the data as the asset it has become.

Complex Workload Migration

At Next Pathway, our EDW migration toolkit helps companies accelerate their migrations (from Netezza, Teradata, etc), and do so in a way to maintain governance of the data with minimal impact to routine business processes.

Data Modernization

Making the most of an enterprise's data is essential to future success, but it isn't always easy. We've developed our practice helping companies properly build out their data layer.

Application Modernization

Updating a company's legacy systems and applications can be challenging, but it's a challenge with the greatest upside potential.

Cloud Enablement

Cloud computing and storage are just getting started with huge potential to change business as we know it.

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