Application Modernization & Migration

Next Pathway helps organizations connect, abstract, and migrate from legacy applications to serve modern use cases

Legacy Modernization

Modernize legacy systems, applications and mainframes by abstracting the business functionality to make more efficient consumption patterns from front-end channels.

Microservice, API & Service Mesh

Decouple front-end channels from back-end systems through automation, governance and streamlined deployment via microservices, APIs and service-mesh architectures.


API Development Accelerator

MERCURY is an accelerator that automates the development, testing and deployment of microservices and APIs, to help enable legacy systems and modernize front-end applications.

Backend Modernization Accelerator

ARRAY accelerates the externalization of back-end services locked in legacy systems and the subsequent transition to a service-oriented architecture.

Automated Translation Engine

SHIFT automates the conversion and translation of legacy code when moving to Big Data environments or the Cloud.

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