Microservice, API Development & Service Mesh

Digital Transformation

Digital technology is transforming the way we transact, search, learn and engage.

It’s re-defining traditional businesses and those that can successfully deliver digital services will ultimately identify new ways to connect with customers on a global scale, realize operational efficiencies and generate revenue. It means:

  • Delivering relevant offers to customers at the right time and a compelling price;
  • Interacting with customers in a multitude of channels in a cost-effective manner; 
  • Predicting the next request from your customer, and truly understanding customer behavior.

To deliver a digital service, you need to do more than map the customer journey and develop an intelligent user interface.

It requires analysis of legacy systems, the decomposition of business functions into candidate microservices, the development and deployment of microservices, the migration to data platforms for microservices, and re-platforming to modern day platforms, like PaaS, cloud and service mesh,  that are suitable for the modern-day application.

The foundation is reliant on a strong microservices architecture, which in conjunction with API management, integration technologies, and server-less deployment allow applications to be constructed as independent context-bounded collaborating units, each being separately deploy-able and maintainable.

Next Pathway provides companies with solutions to accelerate the development of microservices and APIs, and deployment to modern platforms like service mesh. This includes everything from strategy definition, architecture, technology decomposition, governance, and a factory-based development methodology – fueled by your proprietary accelerators.

Is it time to move beyond your legacy IT assets?

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To assist our clients, where necessary, we’ve developed accelerators to aid in platform modernization

API Development Accelerator

MERCURY is an accelerator that automates the development, testing and deployment of microservices and APIs, to help enable legacy systems and modernize front-end applications.

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