Cloud Onboarding


Today, virtually every company will explore Cloud technology for critical business functions.

Per Gartner, by 2021 more than 50% of companies already using Cloud today will adopt an “all-in” Cloud strategy. Whether the intent is to optimize costs, reduce the time to market for mission-critical business processes, or improved agility and scalability, companies are actively looking for solutions to get them to the Cloud, fast.

However, while deciding to move to the cloud is the easy part, actually moving workloads and developing the onboarding strategy and roadmap is a challenge. Questions around security and access control, data ingestion, lineage, and an operating model usually stall, or stop, the momentum to the cloud. Agreeing on the strategy that deals with these bottlenecks is a task that should go part and parcel with the decision to go to cloud in the first place.

Next Pathway provides our clients with the expertise on how to move large on-prem data stores and application to the cloud, with the confidence their data is secured, governed, trusted, and discoverable, to effectively meet critical business objectives. We’ll help you develop plans and strategies to prioritize which workloads to migrate first; taking into account security and consumption considerations; and then how to decommission the legacy applications. Be it a “lift and shift” or a full-scale application refactoring, Next Pathway will help you accelerate your cloud agenda.

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To assist our clients, where necessary, we’ve developed a set of accelerators to aid in the data manufacturing pipeline – providing smarter data ingestion and governance

Data Manufacturing Pipeline

Cornerstone® is a patented, fully automated, metadata-driven data platform that automates the ingestion, technical standardization, security, metadata capture and lineage of data into Big Data environments or the Cloud.