Multi-Cluster Architecture

One-size doesn’t fit all

For many organizations moving to the cloud is a strategic objective, but not all use cases are necessarily suitable for the cloud. Whether it’s regulatory, security, or business continuity concerns, some data and applications just don’t need to go to the cloud, yet.

Organizations must consider what their cloud topology will look like to serve their business objectives; all-in on cloud, hybrid, or multi-cluster.

Organizations should define an architecture that allows them to scale their workloads to the cloud gradually, based on priority, security comfort, and while ensuring minimal impact to the business.

Next Pathway’s multi-cluster architecture provides companies with a template to implement an on-prem and cloud topology, while governing data assets from a central command center. With our mutli-cluster architecture, while data may reside in different physical locations or clusters, they can logically be linked together, streamlining security, operations, governance and consumption.

Our multi-cluster architecture can be applied to how organizations map their application landscape, implement next-generation Data Lakes, or operate across multiple geographies and business units.

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