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As companies look to the cloud more and more for driving core business growth and efficiency, IT leaders know that their legacy, on-prem applications are no longer viable long-term solutions. Whether it’s the high license and maintenance costs to third-party vendors, manual workflows that are stalled by clunky SDLC processes, or the inefficiency in consuming unstructured or semi-structured data for data science and advanced analytics, the legacy applications have to go.

But the vast array of complex workloads built-up over time making migration difficult to plan and execute. Challenges range from sizing-up and planning a migration, identifying and tracking the lineage of thousands of ETL jobs, to determining how to refactor or migrate all of the database code. We know migration can be difficult.

That’s why our complex workload migration products are design with automation in mind – to let you focus on the things the matter, and let us automate the rest.

Our solution is powered by our SHIFTTM application migration engine, and helps with:

  • Automatically analyzing and sizing-up the migration effort for various applications and databases
  • Automatically translating north of 90% of database objects – including SQL, Stored Procs, ETL, and more – to the language best suited for the target system
  • Capture ETL and job scheduler lineage to determine what read/writes matter
  • Test automation to get to deployment and cut-over faster – accelerating the typical SDLC process

Benefits of SHIFT™ versus manual migration:









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“Our organization needed a solution to efficiently handle migrating high volume EDW workloads to the cloud. Past efforts with manual translation and development only saw our costs soar, and timelines further delayed.

By automating the code migration piece with Next Pathway’s SHIFT, we saw resourcing and operational expenses reduce by at least 50%.”

— a Global Retailer

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