Data Migration

Move your data from legacy systems – including legacy data warehouses and mainframes – to the cloud automatically, without manual coding or complex ETL

Data Lake Development

Making the most of enterprise data is essential to future success, but it isn’t always easy. We’ve built our practice by taking lessons learned from first-generation data lakes, and incorporating them in our strategy to build long-lasting and governed data lakes.

Data as a Service

Organizations want to use their data not just for analytics and reporting, but for a myriad of enterprise use cases. Exposing and publishing data to serve those use cases is what our Data as a Service solution focuses on.

Data Marketplaces

Efficiently analyzing data for actionable insights is sped up by the establishment of data marketplaces. This not only helps lower the cost of data ownership, but also creates heightened reusability of data across different functions or use cases. We help organizations build data marketplaces tailored to your requirements.

Enterprise Metadata Management

Metadata is critical for managing and discovering data across the enterprise. We help companies define, implement and support an enterprise metadata management practice.

Data Governance Framework

We help accelerate the implementation of a data governance practice, by addressing key building blocks: including organizational structure and roles, processes, policies, standards and best practices.

Data Architecture Services

Whether its defining a reference architecture for a data lake, or creating a specific solution architecture for an end-to-end data integration pipeline, we provide expert services and frameworks to accelerate architecture definition and implementation.


Data Manufacturing Pipeline

Cornerstone® is a patented, fully automated, metadata-driven data platform that automates the ingestion, technical standardization, security, metadata capture and lineage of data into big data environments or the Cloud.

Data Curation Accelerator

FUSE is a framework to allow large enterprises to design, build and deploy large-scale data integration workflows inside of Big Data environments.

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