Enterprise Metadata Management

The Heart of Data

Today, if data is considered the new oil, then metadata tells you where, when, and how to dig it up.

Per Forrester Research, metadata “is the information that describes or provides context for data, content, business processes, services, business rules and policies that support organization’s information systems”.

Simply put, metadata describes everything about data that a producer or consumer of data needs to know to use it more effectively.

Therefore, establishing an enterprise metadata management practice is key to using data as a strategic asset in your business.

Within enterprises, there are various domains where metadata exists, including the following:

At Next Pathway, we help companies establish, integrate and support an enterprise metadata management practice. We support companies through a number of methods, including:

  • Defining the enterprise metadata strategy, standards and guiding principles – that will serve as the foundation and blueprint for how the enterprise will leverage metadata across the enterprise
  • Developing a metadata management reference architecture – to support the implementation of an enterprise metadata management repository and supporting operations
  • Implementing and defining business glossaries – that will be implemented within an enterprise metadata repository to serve as the standard taxonomy for data assets across the enterprise, or specific lines of business
  • Linking enterprise metadata solutions with big data platforms – to support how metadata is leveraged in the context of a data lake
  • Establishing a Metadata Management Centre of Excellence – to define key roles, responsibilities, policies and processes to support the enterprise management practice across the enterprise

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