Netezza Migration Toolkit

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The time to upgrade from Netezza is now

For years, companies have relied on legacy data systems, such as Netezza, for being the backbone of their application and data infrastructure. And for years, Netezza has fit the bill without issue.

However, enterprise needs have changed. Companies are in need for more scalable, agile, and cost-effective solutions for data storage and processing, which in turn, has resulted in many companies seeking migration paths to modern platforms, including on-prem data lakes, Cloud, and other open-source solutions.

However, migrating from Netezza is a major hurdle for enterprise transformation initiatives. Tightly coupled applications, data, and reporting make it challenging to simply lift-and-shift to those modern platforms. Preserving business continuity, ensuring zero downtime, and migrating in a cost-effective manner is the goal, but it isn’t easy.

Our Netezza Migration Toolkit helps to accelerate the migration path, by automating and simplifying a number of the steps in migration. Not only does our solution make migration faster, but it also enforces a number of governances and operational controls to ensure the new data environment employs best-in-class standards for more effective data storage, discovery and consumption.

Our Netezza Migration Toolkit is comprised of two products, called Cornerstone and SHIFT.

Cornerstone is our metadata-driven ingestion engine, which connects to your Netezza environment to ingest the data into the new data environment, using metadata to automate the process. In other words – NO ETL. Read more about how Cornerstone works here.

Once your data is loaded, we then deploy SHIFT to translate and migrate all of the legacy Netezza schema, SQL, and application logic to the modern language best suited for your new data environment.

We then leverage our Migration Playbook to optimize, performance-tune and test  the migration was successful, and legacy SLAs are matched or exceeded. 

To find out more about our Netezza Migration Toolkit, contact us today to learn more, or request a demo.

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Lessons Learned Migrating from Netezza

White Paper​​

Many companies have been here before; faced with the uncertain future of Netezza and an ever-growing need to capitalize on Big Data. We’ve distilled our customer’s experiences migrating from Netezza to Big Data Open Source environments, to bring you proven steps and tools we’ve developed over the years to make your migration as seamless as possible.

We’re not talking about your standard “lift and shift” strategy; we want your migration to succeed!

We’ve put together a free, 3-hour workshop where we work with you to define what constitutes a successful migration plan (in cloud or on-prem) for your business.

  • Learn more about our innovative toolkit, with demos
  • We'll review your specific challenges and requirements
  • Develop a 30/60/90 day high-level migration plan