The Platform Modernization Company

To gain a competitive advantage in the market, develop new revenue streams, and to attract and retain new customers. Companies must have a strong and modern technology foundation. 

But it’s not simple. 

Companies still rely on monolithic legacy systems for core business functions, and manual development processes that make innovation hard to achieve. 

At Next Pathway,  we know how to migrate to modern platforms.

We have created an innovative set of accelerators to automate and streamline modernization efforts, and deal with challenges we see our clients face everyday. 

Whether its ingesting and curating growing volumes and types of data, while unshackling the reliance on single-vendor architectures; or Migrating legacy data warehouses to the cloud, while not interrupting end-user reporting; or even developing new services and sharing them via Open APIs, while still running on legacy mainframe applications. 

Between our expert services and proprietary accelerators, Next Pathway helps companies bridge that gap – no matter how large it may be. 

Next Pathway. The Platform Modernization Company.