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Our Mission Explained in 90 Seconds

Next Pathway is an engineering firm at its core. Our Big Data practice provides a full spectrum of services and products to help companies manage data more effectively. Our Digital Transformation practice modernizes legacy systems to support multi-channel platforms. Find out more today.


Cornerstone® – Our Big Data Management Platform.

Cornerstone® is our end-to-end big data management platform; it is comprised of two components: the Ingestion Engine and Data Lake Accelerator. The Cornerstone® Ingestion Engine is the only fully-automated, metadata-driven ingestion product on the market that rapidly ingests and standardizes data. The Cornerstone® Data Lake Accelerator provides the tools and protocols to manage and prepare data for reporting and analytics. Learn more about Cornerstone® today.


Our Customer 360 Solution.

Using big data to get a complete view of the customer is imperative to organizations today looking to drive digital sales and optimize existing business processes. Find out what makes the Cornerstone® Customer 360 solution a leader in the market.


We See Data as Water.

At Next Pathway, we see data as water. Our Big Data practice provides the accelerators and services to enable organizations to store, secure, monitor and improve the quality of information.