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Migrate Informatica to the Cloud

Migrate your legacy Informatica pipelines from on-prem to your cloud target.

Here's How We've Helped Enterprises Migrate Legacy ETLs to the Cloud

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ETL Pipelines Migrated to the Cloud 
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Line of Code Translated within Legacy ETL Pipeline

Let automation accelerate your migration from Informatica.

Our end-to-end migration automation software makes it easy to migrate your legacy ETLs pipelines from Informatica to the cloud in Three Easy Steps

Select your source system files.


Generate a comprehensive Analyzer Report of all the objects contained in your source systems and the expected automated code translation based on your selected cloud target.


Select your source system files.

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Trusted By Leading Cloud Platforms

Automate Your
End-to-End Migration to Informatica

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End-to-End Migration Planning & Architecture in Just a Few Weeks

Simplify your migration planning by letting automation show you what’s in your legacy EDW, Data Lake and ETL pipelines, what to migrate, and where to start.

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Translate your Legacy EDW, Data Lake and ETL code with 100% Coverage

Automatically translate your legacy code to Informatica syntax, including SQL, Stored Procs, ETLs, and other complex code types.

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Optimize and Performance-Tune Workloads for Smoother Cut-Over

Automatically test, validate and optimize translated workloads and performance tune to get your business consuming from Informatica fast.

Testimonies About Our Migration Technology

Rob Enderle

“With its SHIFT Cloud self-service offering, Next Pathway is providing a solution that accelerates the migration process, giving organizations a faster route to realizing value from their data.”

Eric Kavanagh
Eric Kavanagh

“Next Pathway created SHIFT Cloud - a code translation engine that enables a remarkably swift and robust transition from traditional on-prem data warehousing, to the new reality in the cloud.”

Free guide

How to Migration your Informatica ETLs to the Cloud

Download our free guide to find out how to Migrate and Modernize your Informatica ETLs.
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Re-Point & Translate Legacy ETLs
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The State of Enterprise Cloud Migrations Survey


Gain Deeper Insights into the Future of the Enterprise Cloud

Discover 2022’s latest cloud migration trends for enterprise IT leaders including where they are in their cloud journey, key challenges and post-migration insights such as which cloud & ETL solutions and models they prefer the most.

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