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Maximize Performance & Scalability with IICS

Move your Informatica PowerCenters to IICS to realize the full benefits of the cloud.

Here's How We've Helped Customers Modernize Informatica PowerCenter ETLs for the Cloud

Legacy Informatica ETL Pipelines Migrated to the Cloud



How to Migrate Informatica PowerCenter to the Cloud

Informatica Migration Planning

1. Scan Your Legacy Informatica ETLs

Automatically scan your vast inventory of legacy Informatica PowerCenter ETLs.

Informatica Code Translation

2. Migrate PowerCenter ETLs & Legacy Code to the Cloud

Through our strategic partnership with Informatica, we help customers migrate their PowerCenter ETLs and legacy code to the cloud.

Managing Informatica in the Cloud

3. Test New ETLs Before Activating

Rigorously test your ETLs using data validation before activating them in the cloud.

What Leading Industry Analysts Are Saying About Our Migration Technology

"With its SHIFT™ self-service offering, Next Pathway is providing a solution that accelerates the migration process, giving organizations a faster route to realizing value from their data."

Rob Enderle
Principal Analyst, Enderle Group

"Next Pathway created SHIFT™ - a code translation engine that enables a remarkably swift and robust transition from traditional on-prem data warehousing, to the new reality in the cloud."

Eric Kavanagh
Principal Analyst, The Bloor Group

State of Enterprise Cloud Migrations Report

The State of Enterprise Cloud Migrations Spring/Summer 2021

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