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Scan and visualize your entire legacy code base to derive the optimal migration wave plan

CRAWLER360 automatically develops a visual and interactive view of your legacy systems

The scan performed by CRAWLER360 delivers valuable insights,
such as:

  • Code composition and job complexity grouping
  • Job categorization, such as Ingest, Transform, and Outbound pipelines
  • End-to-end job lineage (Scheduler > ETL Pipelines > Source/Target Tables)
  • Capture downstream lineage and dependencies between consumer and data sources
  • Identification of “dead” or “orphan” jobs that can be ignored in the migration

Plan your migration

End-to-End Analysis

Actionable Visualizations

Free guide

How to Plan Your Migration with CRAWLER360

Download our free guide to find out how CRAWLER360 accelerates your migration to the cloud by automating each key phase.


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