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Cloud Migration Video Library

Watch our videos on how you can optimize your cloud migration planning & execution today.

Plan Your Migration with Crawler360™-1

Plan Your Migration with Crawler360™

Learn how Crawler360™ captures end-to-end relationships, dependencies and lineage in a user-friendly UI that makes it easy to build the best plan for your migration.

Next Pathway Makes Cloud Migrations Easy

How Next Pathway Makes Cloud Migrations Easy

We explain how our end-to-end migration automation solves the pain points of migrating to the cloud.

How Snowpark Works

How We Migrate ETLs to Snowflake with Snowpark

Learn how our migration technology works with Snowpark to cloud-enable your legacy ETLs in Snowflake.

TechStrong TV Interview with Next Pathway CEO Chetan Mathur and Charlene OHanlon of MediaOps

The State of Cloud Migration in 2021 on TechStrong TV

CEO Chetan Mathur speaks to Charlene O'Hanlon on TechStrong TV about our 2021 cloud migration survey results.

Next Pathway and the Increasing Importance of Cloud Migration

The Importance of Cloud Migration with Tech Talks Daily

Next Pathway Co-founders Chetan Mathur and Clara Angotti explain how the cloud is critical for long-term success.

TESTER Explainer Video August 2021- Final Cut.mp4

Accelerate Your Cloud Migration Testing with Tester™

Accelerate your migration to the cloud by 70% with automated data and code testing and validation with Tester™.

Top 3 Cloud Migration Strategies in 2021

Top 3 Cloud Migration Strategies in 2021

These are the three major strategies to consider when planning and executing your cloud migration in 2021.

AI & ML in Cloud Migration Today

AI & ML in Cloud Migration Today

Machine-learning makes any cloud migration quicker and cheaper by eliminating the need for manual work.

Should You Be Hesitant to Migrate Your Data

Should You Be Hesitant to Migrate Your Data?

Many companies are hesitant to migrate their data to the cloud. In this video we explain how to successfully mitigate these concerns.

The Future of the Public Cloud

The Future of the Public Cloud

Where will the public cloud market go in the future? As an emerging industry nothing is certain.

Metadata Versus Data Lake

Metadata versus Data Lake

In this video we discuss the importance of metadata and why it's key aspect when migrating your data lake to the cloud.

Why Should You Translate EDW Code

Why Translate Code?

Why is it important to use automation to translate your legacy EDW code?

Why is API Important Today

Why is API Important Today?

An in-depth look into how APIs are utilized by businesses today and its impact on data flow in 2021.

Cloud Migration for CIOs

Cloud Migration for CIOs

These are the 3 most important considerations CIOs should keep in mind when migrating to the cloud.

Cloud Migration - Whats the X-Factor

What's the X-Factor?

What's the x-factor of cloud migration? We dive deeper into the key points of your EDW to cloud migration process.

No ETL - What Does That Mean

No ETL? What Does That Mean?

Legacy ETL pipelines pose a huge bottleneck to companies looking to migrate to the cloud. How do we overcome this?

Key Data Migration Strategies

Key Data Migration Strategies

These are the key factors enterprises need to consider in order to pick the right data migration strategy for their organization.

What Does 2 Speed Data Mean

What Does 2 Speed Data Mean?

2 Speed Data is defined and the two uses it provides for data scientists and companies are explained in this video.

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