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How Do We Migrate ETL Pipelines to the Cloud?

Migrating your EDW or Data Lake to the cloud, but have thousands of ETL pipelines deployed that now won't run natively in the cloud environment? Let us help.

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We provide customers with two options to migrate their legacy ETL pipelines to the cloud.

1. Migrate ETL Pipelines to Your Cloud Target Platform

Update your legacy ETL pipeline code to make them connect and run against the desired cloud target platform, while staying on current ETL vendor tool.

2. Modernize ETLs for a Cloud-Native ETL Framework and Retire Legacy Tool

Migrate to cloud-native ETL frameworks and retire your legacy ETL tool entirely. Manage both your EDW and ETL pipelines natively in the cloud. 

Accelerate Your Migration to the Cloud by Unblocking ETL Bottlenecks

Download Our Free Step-by-Step Guide

Use Automation to Migrate and Modernize Legacy ETLs to Your Cloud Environment

With the SHIFT™ Migration Suite we’ve automated the process to provide enterprises with the fastest and most cost-effective method to migrate ETL pipelines to the cloud. Our automation software supports the migration and modernization of multiple ETL vendors to the cloud.

ETL Migration Planning

1. Automate ETL Migration Planning & Lineage Capture

ETL Code Translation

2. Automate ETL Code Migrating or Modernization

Managing ETLs in the Cloud

3. Accelerate Cut-Over of ETLs to the Cloud

Migration Planning

1. Automate ETL Migration Planning & Lineage Capture

First, we leverage Crawler360™ to automatically scan the vast inventory of legacy ETL pipelines to uncover the lineage and source-to-target data flow to find out:

  • What ETL pipelines are feeding my data warehouse or data lake? And how many are there?
  • What is the end-to-end lineage of my ETL pipelines, from source system to BI tool?
  • Which ETL pipelines are not only feeding the data warehouse in-scope for migration, but also other systems?

By defining the lineage and inventory of all in-scope ETL pipelines, we provide customers with quick, actionable insights to plan their migration path to the cloud, without risk of impacting business operations or other dependent systems.

Migration Execution

2. Automate ETL Code Re-Pointing & Re-Writing

Then, we leverage SHIFT™ Translator to re-point or re-write all of the legacy ETL code to run natively against the cloud target. Specifically, SHIFT™ Translator can automatically:

  • Migrate the legacy ETL pipelines by translating all embedded SQL to the syntax of the target cloud platform (be it Snowflake, Redshift, or others), as well as the XML objects, including source/target connectors, tables, and orchestration logic to run against the target cloud platform, or

  • Modernize the legacy ETL pipeline code to a new cloud-native framework (such as PySpark, Azure Data Factory and Databricks) and retire the legacy vendor tool entirely.
By automating this process, the SHIFT™ Migration Suite provides customers with an end-to-end automated solution to get legacy ETL pipelines running on the cloud fast, efficiently, and without impacting current business processes.
Migration Testing

3. Accelerate Cut-Over

  • SHIFT™ Tester will automate key aspects of ETL code and data validation testing when completing the migration project, in order to accelerate end-to-end testing efforts. This ensures all translated code compiles and executes with the expected results in the cloud target.
  • Crawler360™ will identify dependencies to downstream applications like BI or Analytics tools, in order to define the appropriate migration approach while identifying optimization and consolidation opportunities along the way. 

Leading Cloud Providers Trust Our Technology to Migrate Legacy ETLs to the Cloud

What Leading Industry Analysts Are Saying About Our Migration Technology

"With its SHIFT™ self-service offering, Next Pathway is providing a solution that accelerates the migration process, giving organizations a faster route to realizing value from their data."

Rob Enderle
Principal Analyst, Enderle Group

"Next Pathway created SHIFT™ - a code translation engine that enables a remarkably swift and robust transition from traditional on-prem data warehousing, to the new reality in the cloud."

Eric Kavanagh
Principal Analyst, The Bloor Group

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Accelerate Your Migration to the Cloud by Unblocking ETL Bottlenecks

Download Our Free Step-by-Step Guide

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