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Thinking About Cutting the Cord on Netezza and Moving to the Cloud? It’s as Easy as Three Steps

Now more than ever, Netezza customers are exploring migration options to the cloud. Since June 2019, when IBM discontinued support for a variety of Netezza versions, the once “premium state-of-the-art’” data appliance became no longer critical for large business databases.

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Netezza migration to the cloud

Our SHIFT™ Migration Suite was developed with Netezza in mind, and is the perfect solution to address customer’s end-to-end challenges when seeking a migration path to the cloud. With the SHIFT™ Migration Suite, we’ve helped customers accelerate their migrations by 60% versus traditional manual migration methods.

How do we do it? In three core steps.

1. Automating Planning & Assessment Activities

In the legacy Netezza world, when businesses look to consume data for analytics or reporting, they are dependent on a number of pre-processing steps. This could include complex mappings or transformations just to create a dataset in a format their reporting application requires. This pre-processing usually amounts to around 80% of customer’s time when preparing a report or dashboard. When planning for migration, the core issue is further pronounced – no one knows what’s happening inside of Netezza, or which workloads to prioritize for migration. With Crawler360™, and SHIFT™ ANALYZER, planning and assessment can be simplified and accelerated, to provides answers to questions like, “how long will the migration effort take? And where should I start?

    • Crawler360™ can identify the workloads within the Netezza environment that are migration candidates, including the lineage and data dependencies, in order to define the most appropriate migration path. Crawler360™ will also provide a lineage view for the data pipelines feeding Netezza, to develop the migration plan for repointing those pipelines to the cloud target.
    • SHIFT™ ANALYZER will scan the Netezza applications to identify the complete code inventory, complexity of objects, and "x-factors" that will require custom solutions when moving to the cloud.
Automation of code translation-SHIFT

2. Automating Code Translation

Translating the code base within Netezza is the second step. Automating the code translation for all workloads identified during planning accelerates the end-to-end migration timeline and avoids manual development and refactoring efforts.
    • SHIFT™ TRANSLATOR will automatically translate all Netezza SQL and Stored Procedures to the target cloud syntax, with accuracy of at least 95% out of the box. Further, our Professional Services team leverages a vast knowledge base of solutions to help address common Netezza to cloud implementation scenarios.

3. Managing and Accelerating Cut-Over

With Netezza, organizations are limited on how they consume data. They either need to manually move data to another server for complex analytics or put the onus back on Netezza to process the queries. Cloud vendors today are built to bring processing to the data. Meaning, less wait times, faster query performance, and easier ability to combine disparate data sets (i.e. structured and unstructured data, streaming and batch, and wider support for other data types).

With SHIFT™ TESTER and Crawler360™, we accelerate the final phases of the migration to get you cut-over to the cloud (and decommissioning your Netezza environment), as fast and efficiently as possible.

  • SHIFT™ TESTER will automate key aspects of code and data validation testing when completing the migration project, in order to accelerate end-to-end testing efforts. This ensures all translated code compiles and executes with the expected results in the cloud target.
  • Crawler360™ will identify dependencies and "consumption lineage" to downstream applications (like analytics and reporting tools) in order to define the appropriate migration approach while identifying optimization and consolidation opportunities along the way.
Cut over cloud -SHIFT-1

Ready to Translate Your Legacy Workloads to the Cloud?

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