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Realize the Benefits of the Cloud Faster with SHIFT™

Manually translating your legacy code to your cloud target wastes your time, budget and resources. Accelerate your timeline, stay on-budget and get 100% UAT-ready code with end-to-end migration automation using SHIFT™.

Accelerate Your Migration to Leading Cloud Providers with SHIFT™

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Here's What SHIFT™ Translated to the Cloud for Enterprises

15 - Release


ETL Pipelines

7 - Commercial Code Translation


Lines of Legacy Code

4 - Analyzer Report


BI Applications

SHIFT™ uses automation to get enterprises cloud-ready in weeks

Reducing Time and cost-SHIFT

Migrate to the Cloud 40% Faster Than Estimated

SHIFT™ is a smart engine that automatically translates legacy workloads into the native language of your cloud target.

Day-to-Day Operational Reporting-SHIFT

Optimize Workloads for Your Cloud Target

SHIFT™ instantly identifies which of your legacy workloads are redundant and eliminates them from your migration.


Test Your Code Before Cutting Over to the Cloud

SHIFT™ has built-in capabilities to test the performance of your translated code against your legacy code, automatically.

Accelerate Your Migration to Leading Cloud Providers with SHIFT™

Download Our Free Step-by-Step Guide

Explore the SHIFT™ Migration Suite

SHIFT™ automates your enterprise migration in three phases - legacy enterprise data warehouse, data lake and ETL code analysis, translation and testing.


SHIFT™ Analyzer

SHIFT™ Analyzer automatically assesses legacy application workloads to know exactly what code types and objects are present in order to plan your migration.

Here's how SHIFT™ Analyzer  optimizes your migration

code delivery

Develops a complete inventory of all code objects and rank by complexity to understand the breadth and size of the legacy application.

Fraud Detection and Anti-Money Laundering-Feb28

Identifies "x-factor" cases within the code that will require a custom solution in the cloud based on source-target differences.

Data Standardization -Feb28

Reveals automation percentage for code translation for identified code types.

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SHIFT™ Translator

SHIFT™ Translator automates the translation of complex workloads when executing your migration to the cloud – including SQL, Stored Procedures, ETL, and various other code types – for various source and target platforms.

Its syntax and semantic based translation capability allows for high-automation levels for all code types, including ETL, DDL/DML, Views/Materialized Views, Stored Procedures, Dynamic SQL, Embedded SQL, Scripting Frameworks, Proprietary Functions and more. 

Here's how SHIFT™ Translator accelerates your migration

Cloud Migration_Translator_Dec2020

The translation of your legacy EDW, data lake and ETL code is 100% automated, completely eliminating the need for manual translation.

Architectual Decisions_Translator_Dec2020

As a smart engine, it has the most up-to-date knowledge of your legacy code and target cloud targets. It can also build rules based on edge cases to address your custom requirements, fast. 


Takes care of all of your code types, leaving nothing out. This is especially useful for ETL code, whether it's from a vendor or written in-house.

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SHIFT™ Tester

SHIFT™ Tester automates data validation and hash-level comparison between the legacy application and cloud environment, to accelerate testing cycles to get to cut-over fast.

Here's how SHIFT™ Tester ensures a smooth transition to the cloud


Optimizes test-ready code for the cloud environment.

Automation of code translation_Tester_Dec2020

Uses built-in automation to execute user-defined test cases.

Generation of Data transformation_Tester_Dec2020

Ensures maximum performance pre-cutover.

What Industry Leading Analysts are Saying About Our Migration Technology

"With its SHIFT™ self-service offering, Next Pathway is providing a solution that accelerates the migration process, giving organizations a faster route to realizing value from their data."

Rob Enderle
Principal Analyst, Enderle Group

"Next Pathway created SHIFT™ - a code translation engine that enables a remarkably swift and robust transition from traditional on-prem data warehousing, to the new reality in the cloud."

Eric Kavanagh
The Bloor Group

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How to Accelerate Your Migration to the Cloud with SHIFT™

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How to Accelerate Your Migration to Leading Cloud Providers with SHIFT™

Download Our Free Step-by-Step Guide

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