SHIFT™ Migration Suite


The SHIFT™ Migration Suite helps our customers accelerate their migration to the cloud, by automating key tasks in the end-to-end process.


We automate the three core steps to migrate to the cloud

1. Planning

Automate the discovery of how data flows into the warehouse.

2. Translation

Automate the translation of legacy code into native cloud.

3. Cut-Over

Automate lineage and traceability of all applications.

What Makes Us Better Than Manual Migrations

With SHIFT™ Migration Suite, migrations happens in weeks not years.



Automation parallelizes development efforts to deliver faster, more efficiently and in a truly agile model.

Day-to-Day Operational Reporting-SHIFT


By applying automation to the migration life-cycle and removing manual efforts, human error is eliminated.



Automates key parts of the end-to-end migration life cycle and makes it faster, enabling you to cut-over faster.



Its unique architecture enables it to support any custom requirements or edge-cases easily, out-of-box.

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Whether the attraction is increased operational efficiencies, ability to perform advanced analytics, or simply cost containment and getting out of the data center, there are countless benefits companies know and realize.

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