Migrate Your Legacy ETLs to Databricks with SHIFT

Accelerate the migration effort by over 50% through end-to-end automation

Accelerate Your Databricks Migration to the Cloud

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How Do We Migrate ETLs to Databricks?

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Accelerate Your Databricks Migration to the Cloud

Download Our Free Step-by-Step Guide

Use Automation to Migrate Legacy ETLs to Databricks

Databricks Migration Planning

1. Automate ETL Migration Planning

Automatically scan and catalog your vast inventory of legacy ETLs to uncover the lineage and source-to-target data flow using Crawler360™ to find out what needs to be migrated. 

Databricks Code Translation

2. Automate ETL Code Re-Pointing or Re-Writing

Leverage SHIFT™ to translate the underlying ETL code to run natively in Databricks.

Managing Workloads in the Cloud

3. Accelerate Cut-Over of ETLs to Databricks

Automate key aspects of data validation and code optimization to accelerate cut-over to Databricks through SHIFT™.

What Leading Industry Analysts Are Saying About Our Migration Technology

"With its SHIFT™ self-service offering, Next Pathway is providing a solution that accelerates the migration process, giving organizations a faster route to realizing value from their data."

Rob Enderle
Principal Analyst, Enderle Group

"Next Pathway created SHIFT™ - a code translation engine that enables a remarkably swift and robust transition from traditional on-prem data warehousing, to the new reality in the cloud."

Eric Kavanagh
Principal Analyst, The Bloor Group

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How to Automate Your ETL Migration to Databricks

Thinking of migrating your legacy ETLs to Databricks? Our step-by-step guide shows you how to migrate your ETL pipelines to Databricks 60% faster than manual estimates.

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Accelerate the Migration of Your Legacy ETLs to Databricks

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See a video demo of how end-to-end migration automation can migrate your legacy ETLs to Databricks.