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Automate Your Migration from Teradata in 3 Steps

Migrating from Teradata is no easy task. The platform has served as the analytics backbone for many organizations for 10 plus years, with huge volumes of complex workloads built up over time, generating hundreds or sometimes thousands of reports for businesses

However, Teradata, once pioneers in the Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) space, is now deemed as legacy. Organizations with ambitions of moving to cloud-native environments for data warehouse and advanced analytic capabilities are shackled to the legacy Teradata world, including high licensing costs, inability to perform advanced analytics, and their complex library of functions and commands. These include BTEQ, FastLoad, MultiLoad, TPT, and various others. Cloud-native vendors do not have support for these functions, which simply put, block organization’s cloud migration ambitions

Teradata migration to the cloud


2. Automating Code Translation:

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