Next Pathway Adds Ground-Breaking Capability to Translate Informatica and Datastage ETL Pipelines

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Our automation technology helps our customers accelerate the migration of complex applications and workloads to the cloud

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Powered by the SHIFTMigration Suite,
we automate the three steps in migrating to the cloud

Powered by the SHIFT™ Migration Suite, we automate the three steps in migrating to the cloud
Powered by the SHIFT™ Migration Suite, we automate the three steps in migrating to the cloud

SHIFT™  Migration Suite

SHIFT™ CRAWLER automatically scans and catalogs legacy data sources, including ETL pipelines, scheduler jobs, and downstream consuming applications, to uncover actionable insights within the data flow to accelerate the migration to the cloud

SHIFT™  ANALYZER assesses various code types within legacy applications to create an inventory of all objects, define complexity, and provide automation rates in order to size your migration 

SHIFT™ TRANSLATOR automates the translation of complex workloads when executing your migration to the cloud – including SQL, Stored Procedures, ETL, and various other code types – for various source and target platforms

SHIFT™ JET INTERPRETER is a plug-in replacement for Teradata utilities, such as BTEQ, FastLoad, MultiLoad, FastExport and TPT

SHIFT™ TESTER automates key tasks in the testing life-cycle when executing and optimizing workloads within the cloud

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Our Migration Methodology

From planning, migration execution, testing, through to cut-over, our proven methodology helps streamline our customer’s migration to the cloud – regardless of where you’re at in the journey

Plan and Assess

How much will migration cost,
and how long will it take?
We take a thoughtful and data-driven approach to assessing and planning a migration in order to answer the tough questions, including – How much will this migration cost? How long will it take? What’s the business case for doing the migration? And where should I start?
Contact us for a planning assessment

Plan &


Migration Execution

Have I migrated and accounted for all data, code and other objects – like ETL – that my business partners and end-user consumers care most about?
After defining the migration scope and approach, it’s time to execute. Migrating historical data, translating complex workloads and updating data pipelines fast are key to a successful migration. And we automate all of these steps, ensuring no hands on keyboards.

Test & Optimize

Is my application meeting or exceeding existing SLAs or performance benchmarks?
Once all workloads and data are migrated to the cloud, and prior to cut-over, organizations have to ensure the application is running smoothly without error. Automating key tasks in the testing life-cycle will capture and remediate errors faster while optimizing the application in the target platform.
Learn How to Optimize Your Migration Testing

Test &

& Cut-Over


When is it appropriate to cut-over fully
to the cloud environment?
Cutting-over to the cloud requires confidence that the application is running smoothly, but also ensuring the right change management controls are in place. This includes repointing downstream consuming applications, training, and decomissioning services of the legacy platforms.
Trouble migrating downstream consumers?

Benefits that the SHIFT™ Migration Suite
 provides vs. manual migration

Speed to Market

Fueled by automation, SHIFT™ allows customers to plan their migration faster, translate code in minutes – not years – and get to cut-over faster than manual efforts.

Risk & Regulatory Reporting-SHIFT

Lower Risk

SHIFT™ removes human error from key migration tasks, and provides superior accuracy and governance at every phase, lowering operational risks to streamline the migration effort. 

Optimize Costs

By automating the end-to-end migration, SHIFT™ removes the need for large developer teams to manually migrate their applications, which gets customers off the data center faster, thus optimizing end-to-end project costs.

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Regardless of where you’re deploying, we have you covered. Our apps integrate with all of the major cloud vendors:
Google Cloud Platform
Amazon Web Services​
Microsoft Azure Synapse​
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