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Our automation technology helps our customers accelerate the migration of complex applications and workloads to the cloud.

Through automation, we get you to the cloud faster.
Ready to get started? Here’s where we can help:

Our workload migration technology accelerates the migration of the most complex legacy applications and databases to the cloud, while keeping costs down and getting to market faster

Move your data from legacy systems – including legacy data warehouses and mainframes – to the cloud automatically, without manual coding or complex ETL

API-enabling your applications helps get you cloud-ready, by decoupling your front-end applications from core back-end systems, while introducing the agility, scalability and lower-cost that cloud infrastructure provides
Thinking about cloud, but not sure how to start? Our Cloud Enablement technology helps customers plan their migration strategically, including architecture design and development, environment and infrastructure set-up, roadmap design, data modeling, and more
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Find out how we can accelerate and simplify your migration

Struggling with your EDW migration to cloud initiative?
We hear you. Complex workloads built-up over time, high data volumes, and ensuring business continuity make EDW migrations tough to manage.

Our EDW migration solution changes that through automation. Our products accelerate all aspects of EDW migrations to cloud, including data migration, code translation, and more.

Through automation, our products enable our customers to accelerate, simplify and de-risk cloud migration projects, to ensure faster deployment times, lower costs, and higher-value

SHIFTTM automates the migration and translation of complex application workloads – including SQL, stored procedures, ETL and other database objects – when moving to the cloud
Cornerstone® is a fully-automated, metadata-driven data ingestion engine that automates the ingestion, standardization, lineage capture and governance when bringing source data to the cloud
FUSETM  is a framework that allows companies to automate the design, build and deployment of large-scale data integration workflows optimized for modern cloud environments
MERCURY helps customers modernize and prepare their front-end applications for the cloud by automating the design, testing and deployment of APIs and microservices
ARRAY automates the externalization of services locked in core back-end systems and the transition to a modern, cloud-enabled service-oriented architecture
Regardless of where you’re deploying, we have you covered. Our products integrate with all of the major cloud vendors:

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EDW Migration Workshop

Got complex workloads? Stored procs? It’s all good! We’ve put together a free, ½ day workshop where we show you how to streamline your EDW to cloud migration strategy.
  • Learn how to “size up” your migration effort and plan efficiently
  • Learn about our application migration suite of technology, and how we can automate large portions of your migration
  • Develop a 30/60/90 day high-level migration plan
EDW Migration Workshop
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