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We’re a technology services company providing clients a pathway from existing to emerging technologies. Using experience and our proprietary accelerators, Next Pathway accelerates Platform Modernization needs.

Managing and understanding data is paramount to your company’s future success. We help companies build highly-functional data supply chains; to not only manage the growing stores or data but putting the information to work.

Making the most of an enterprise’s data is essential to future success, but it isn’t always easy. We’ve built our practice helping companies properly build out their data lakes. Click for more.

Get the most value out of your data with accelerated data aggregation and consumption. Click for more.

Moving data to the Cloud opens a world of opportunities for companies but can also drastically reduce storage and compute costs. Our team of experts can help your company navigate the many options available.

Cloud computing and data storage are just getting started. We’ll help you incorporate cloud into your data plan. Click for more.

Maintaining data and applications across on-prem and Cloud services. Click for more.

Enterprise investment into legacy systems and applications is staggering in terms of time and resources, which is often a barrier for companies to embrace new and better technology. We help companies, through our experience and proprietary accelerators, adapt their legacy systems or migrate and decommission them responsibly.

Unlock monolithic back-end systems with strategic use of microservices and APIs. Click for more.

Update your legacy data and application assets to modern platforms for enhance data reliability. Click for more.

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Featured Service

At Next Pathway, our Netezza migration tools helps companies accelerate their migrations, and do so in a way to maintain governance of the data with minimal impact to routine business processes.


Next Pathway provides experience and proprietary accelerators to delivery Big Data and Digital Transformation initiatives


At the heart of everything we do, we're here to help your business get to market faster and cheaper.

Open Architecture

Flexibility is key. Our philosophy is to support an open architecture so you won’t be locked into one vendor.

Operational Controls

Governance is important not only for security but to allow for the proper management of data and systems.

Upcoming Events:

We’re not talking about your standard “lift and shift” strategy; we want your migration to succeed!

We’ve put together a free, 3-hour workshop where we work with you to define what constitutes a successful migration plan (in cloud or on-prem) for your business.

  • Learn more about our innovative toolkit, with demos
  • We'll review your specific challenges and requirements
  • Develop a 30/60/90 day high-level migration plan

Building a reliable data lake with the goal of being the single source of truth for an enterprise has historically been a significant challenge. Whether defeated by technology, people, process or all three, first generation data lakes have most often not met the expectations of the stakeholders involved. We’ve put together a free, 3-hour workshop where we work with you to define what constitutes a successful migration plan (in cloud or on-prem) for your business.

  • Learn why first generation data lakes have failed
  • Learn what constitutes a well governed data lake
  • Learn how our accelerators can help build a data lake to last