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Next Pathway automates the end-to-end challenges our customers experience when migrating applications to the cloud

Every company is moving to the cloud; whether for operational efficiencies, gaining a competitive advantage, or enabling digital transformation. At Next Pathway, our products are geared to simplify each stage of the cloud migration journey.
Through continuous innovation, our full range of products cover and automate each step, from migration planning, workload translation and enhanced data testing.
Next Pathway’s products offer:
Full_Coverage Full_Coverage_grey_gr
Full Coverage

we migrate a variety of legacy source systems to all major cloud targets.

Accuracy Accuracy_grey_gr
Translation Accuracy

our translation rates are incredibly high; our aim is to translate 100% of legacy code, including complex ETL pipelines.

Superior_Performance Superior_Performance_grey_gr
Superior Performance

we can translate legacy code in minutes/hours, with a high degree of reliability

We partner with all the leading cloud platforms and have migrated hundreds of clients from legacy systems.

SHIFT Cloud is finalist for the Best Cloud Automation of the Year Award by the Cloud Awards.
Next Pathway is a gold winner in the category of Most Innovative Company of the Year by the Best in Biz Award.

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