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End-to-End Migration Services

Next Pathway provides a comprehensive range of “end-to-end” migration services, designed to support and guide our clients from planning to production cut over.

Superior Cloud Migration Services

Superior Cloud Migration Services

Clients that engage in our services will benefit from our years of experience, superior cloud migration software, robust knowledgebase of best practices and the comfort that they are working with a partner that has successfully migrated hundreds of companies to the cloud.

Expert Migration Professional Services from Planning to Cut Over

Migration Planning & Set-Up

Next Pathway’s Migration Planning Toolkit ensures your migration plan is both time efficient and cost effective. The goal is to develop a comprehensive plan and identify any potential risks/issues that may delay your production deployment.

Data Migration

When migrating legacy workloads to a cloud target, one of the critical aspects of the migration is moving your historical data. Our data migration planning activities include a thorough review of how your historical data will be migrated and the ongoing ingestion of data into the cloud target.

Integration & System Testing

Migration testing can be daunting. Next Pathway takes charge of planning and overseeing integration and system testing. Clients will be able to leverage our vast knowledge base, giving them confidence that testing complex legacy systems will be performed with a high degree of integrity and coverage.

Implementation & Cut Over

Getting your cloud data warehouse ready for production involves multiple activities, both in terms of operational preparation, environment tuning, performance optimization and triaging/resolving issues during parallel run.


Next Pathway is your full-service Cloud Migration partner

Next Pathway is your full-service
Cloud Migration partner

Our end-to-end services are continuously being updated based on best practices but are also designed to be flexible so that they can be tailored to each client’s specific needs.

Contact us today to embark on your cloud journey and experience a seamless cloud migration.