Array - Unleash Your Core Back-End System

Unleash Your Core Back-End System

ARRAY helps organizations meet their digital transformation goals by exposing key legacy services locked in core back-end systems and accelerating the transition to a service-oriented architecture (SOA).

The process to expose services locked in core back-end systems, and decouple them from multi-channel applications, is not a trivial task. It often involves costly modernization efforts, which could include code refactoring initiatives.

With ARRAY, organizations can rapidly decouple services from the back-end and expose REST APIs above an SOA layer in an automated, governed and efficient process.

ARRAY accelerates SOA deployment and operationalization processes, enabling organizations to meet their digital transformation goals.

Digital Transformation Solution

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Key Benefits

Reducing Time-Feb28
Faster Development

Supports large and complex client environments, including Cloud and Hybrid architectures; avoiding vendor lock-in.

Open architecture
Open Architecture

Captures all types of metadata and granular data lineage; for Batch, Streaming and Direct-to-Source ingestion – no manual coding required.

Enforces Governance
Enforced Governance

Integrates with and auto-updates third-party enterprise metadata management solutions.

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