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Automate Your Data Warehouse Migration

Get off your legacy EDW system and onto the cloud with our automation technology

Accelerate Your EDW Migration to the Cloud

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Explore Migration Solutions By Your Legacy Enterprise Data Warehouse

How Do We Migrate EDWs to the Cloud?

EDW Migration

Accelerate Your EDW Migration to the Cloud

Download Our Free Step-by-Step Guide

Use Automation to Translate Legacy Code to the Cloud

We developed our cloud migration technology with legacy EDWs like Teradata, Netezza, SQL Server, Greenplum and Oracle specifically in mind and have solved for the end-to-end challenges organizations experience when moving from EDWs to the cloud. ​

EDW Migration Planning

1. Automated Planning & Assessment Activities

EDW Code Translation

2. Automated Code Translation, including SQL, Stored Procedures and other complex code types

Managing Workloads in the Cloud

3. Accelerated Cut-Over and Optimization

Automate Migration Planning

1. Automate Planning & Assessment Activities

  • We leverage Crawler360™ to identify the workloads within the EDW environment that are migration candidates, in order to define the appropriate migration approach. Further, Crawler360™ will provide a lineage view for the data pipelines feeding the EDW, to develop the migration plan for repointing those pipelines to the cloud target.
  • SHIFT™ ANALYZER will scan the EDW applications to identify the complete code inventory, complexity of objects and "x-factors" that will require custom solutions when moving to the cloud.
Automating Code Translation

2. Automating Code Translation

  • SHIFT™ TRANSLATOR will automatically translate all SQL and Stored Procedure code, as well as proprietary functions to the target cloud platform syntax.
  • Further, our team leverages a vast knowledge base of solutions to help address common EDW to cloud implementation scenarios. We'll get your legacy code 100% translated and QA-ready incredibly fast, so you can begin QA cycles immediately and with higher confidence.
Managing and Accelerating Cut-Over

3. Managing and Accelerating Cut-Over

  • SHIFT™ TESTER will automate key aspects of code and data validation testing when completing the migration project, in order to accelerate end-to-end testing efforts. This ensures all translated code compiles and executes with the expected results in the cloud target.
  • Crawler360™ will identify dependencies to downstream applications like BI or Analytics tools, in order to define the appropriate migration approach while identifying optimization and consolidation opportunities along the way. 

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Leading Cloud Providers Trust Our Technology to Migrate EDWs to the Cloud

What Industry Leaders Are Saying About Our Migration Technology

"Our partnership with Next Pathway is essential to helping our customers automate this migration from on-premise solutions to Snowflake’s Data Cloud."

Christian Kleinerman
SVP of Product, Snowflake

"Next Pathway simplifies the cloud migration process so its clients can transform and optimize their workloads to meet changing business requirements."

Charles Araujo
Principal Analyst, Intellyx

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How to Accelerate Your Migration to the Cloud with SHIFT™

Thinking of migrating your legacy EDW to the cloud? Our step-by-step guide shows you how to migrate your legacy Enterprise Data Warehouse to your cloud target, 40% faster than manual estimates. Download our guide today.

Accelerate Your EDW Migration to the Cloud

Download Our Free Step-by-Step Guide

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