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Insurance company migrates their SSIS Data Warehouse to Azure Data Factory on Snowflake

Next Pathway provides a comprehensive range of “end-to-end” migration services, designed to support and guide our clients from planning to production cut over.

Accelerate Your SSIS Data Warehouse Migration to Azure Data Factory on Snowflake

  • Used code translation tool SHIFT™ to translate and migrate from Informatica to ADF.
  • Modernized Informatica workflows to Snowflake cloud data warehouse and ADF for ETL processing.
  • Translated 2400+ IICS objects in 6 months.
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Case Study

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Testimonies About Our Migration Technology

Charles Araujo-2
Charles Araujo

“Next Pathway simplifies the cloud migration process so its clients can transform and optimize their workloads to meet changing business requirements while they migrate them.”

Eric Kavanagh
Eric Kavanagh

“Next Pathway created SHIFT Cloud - a code translation engine that enables a remarkably swift and robust transition from traditional on-prem data warehousing, to the new reality in the cloud.”

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