Netezza Migration to Google BigQuery

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Technology has come along way in the past decade in terms of storage, creation, and utilization of data in the enterprise. New and better solutions have been developed by new entrants into the market, with their own unique abilities suitable to the emerging needs we have on data. Unfortunately, they come with challenges with migrating from legacy systems, such as Netezza. Fortunately for you, we’ve developed our toolkit for just this situation.

  • As a Netezza Enterprise Data Warehouse owner, are you tired of
  • buying and hosting expensive proprietary hardware,
  • patching operating systems,
  • installing specialized database software,
  • managing database servers,
  • tuning database parameters,
  • planning upgrades and downtime,
  • worrying about increased data load times and ever-increasing data consumption needs,
  • dreading the yearly license renewal?

4 Facts about Google BigQuery

Google has spent decades developing the Google Cloud Platform, so when they opened this up to the enterprise community, it was instantly a very interesting option to explore for large business data needs. Plus, Google has shown an intense interest to further develop the platform for end consumers, including some very intriguing AI and machine learning layers.

BigQuery is Google’s scalable data warehouse product.

  1. A Google BigQuery project starts with 2,000 query execution slots.
  2. Google Cloud Platform bills separately for storage and query data processing.
  3. Google Cloud Platform uses the Petabit network to distribute your data across multiple regions for redundancy and high availability.
  4. How much time, effort and resources you are spending on managing Netezza Data Warehousing on-premise infrastructure instead of focusing on data, insights and your customer?

Advantages of Google BigQuery

Netezza was a great choice in its heyday, but your business’ data needs are accelerating at a tremendous rate and require a new level of technological ability. Migrating large enterprise data warehouses from the Netezza platform to Google BigQuery offers significant advantages:

  • The elastic scalability of the cloud infrastructure eases cost/performance tradeoffs
  • Data ingestion patterns can be simplified
  • Integration with sophisticated cloud-based analytical toolsets is readily supported
  • A server-less NoOps environment frees infrastructure maintenance burden; freeing up resources for data and business analysis

Next Pathway is here to help

Download our playbook for the steps to take in order to migrate your legacy Netezza data warehouse to the cloud. You’ll also learn about the tools we’ve developed to make the process simple and straightforward.

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