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How to Migrate to Yellowbrick

Thinking of Migrating to Yellowbrick?

Download our guide to learn how we:
  • Deliver predictable performance while scaling to accommodate datasets that range from tens of terabytes (TBs) to over five petabytes (PBs)
  • Deploy SHIFT™ Translator to automatically translate all Teradata SQL and Stored Procedure objects to Yellowbrick syntax
  • Repoint all legacy data pipelines to now point against the Yellowbrick environment

"By partnering with Next Pathway, we are providing our customers an efficient and accelerated path to the Yellowbrick ecosystem by alleviating traditional migration bottlenecks."

Neil Carson
CEO, Yellowbrick

Next Pathway - [GUIDE] - How to Automate Your Teradata Migration

Accelerate Your Migration to Yellowbrick

Download Our Free Step-by-Step Guide